If it's not your kids, it's your boss, or your clients...or it's the voice in your head screaming at you that absolutely everything and everyone in your life must be 100% taken care of before you are allowed to spend a moment on the work that matters most to you.

Take just 15 minutes to fill in the FREE What's Stopping You? Checklist and gain IMMEDIATE clarity on what's holding you back, and what to do next!

This simple 10-point checklist + journaling exercise could very well be the missing link between your intention and your action.

I'll follow it up with 4 days of insight and strategy to help you lock your gains into place!

Leave overwhelm and perfectionism behind and create beautiful, amazing, finished work!

Send me the checklist!

"Someone said to me, wow, you have really thought about what you wanted and made some big decisions! I felt great. I’m in the process. It is true, making decisions is making me feel less trapped and help me feel like I can manage my dearest projects."

- Melanie

"Thanks for saving me years off the learning curve! ... Ok, consciously deciding to read tonight before bed and wake up early tomorrow to write!"

- Edward

Ready to stop putting everyone else's priorities before yours, and start carving out the space and time you need for your creative work?

Download the What's Stopping You? checklist and start overcoming your obstacles.

I'll follow up with 4 days of insights and strategies to help you make sure your new momentum sticks!

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