Core Values List

Get clear on your core values so you can put them into action in your creative business

Let me guess:

You want to get more done.

You want to be sure that you’re doing the right things to grow your business.

You want to stop feeling so overwhelmed.

You want flexibility and autonomy.

You want to have time for the big ambitious projects you’ve dreamed up that you know could change everything for you…if you only finish them.

And you want to do it all without working 70 hour weeks, missing out on time with family and friends, damaging your health, and burning out.

My friend, you are in the right place.

But the answer isn’t a new productivity system or stricter self-discipline.

You can’t “self-discipline” yourself into a sustainable life.

A client told me: “I can see where my business could make more money, but then, the thing is, I don't have the time to do all that work.”

Yes. That is exactly the problem.

Cramming more willy-nilly into an overfull schedule is not only a terrible way to live, it doesn’t even get you to your financial goals.

Adding more work is what holds you back—from money AND time freedom.

Capacity overload is the root of the problems. Simplifying to align with capacity is the root of the solutions.

You need a new strategy. And not one cobbled together from generic “Top 10 Tips” flung about by Insta-influencers and self-help books.

That’s why I’m so happy to invite you to join me and an amazing group of creative peers who take their business as seriously as you do at the (free) Simplify to Amplify Roundtable.

Each month, bring your questions about priorities, finishing the work, and creating sustainable work practices, and we’ll spend an hour together, live, addressing what’s working, what’s not working, and what to do next.

Our next session is:

March 6th at 12PM ET

I’m Jessica Abel

I’m a cartoonist/ author/ teacher/ editor/ illustrator turned creative business owner.

I know what it’s like to be doing everything “right,” and realize that people on the outside think I’ve got it all nailed, yet working insane hours and still not making ends meet.

My own story is why I’m totally committed to my mission to help as many artists, writers, and other creatives take control of their careers as I possibly can.

I believe that every professional creative needs to equip themself with powerful, effective strategy so that they can build businesses that meet their needs. Strategy—which includes getting a handle on the numbers—is the key that unlocks powerful decisions that will allow artists to live and work as they choose.

We (the big We—the world) need you to be successful because we need you to have the freedom and support to bring your work to the world for the rest of us to experience!