Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars

All Trish wants to do is become the best derby jammer on Mars.
Is that so much to ask?


The new full-color, hardcover,
sci-fi adventure from Jessica Abel!

Trish is a talented young hoverderby player on Mars 200 years in the future. She wants desperately to go pro because it seems like the only way to escape a future of poverty and hard labor on her family’s moisture farm in Candor Chasma.

But even if she could make the team, she’s too young to get a contract, and her family is going broke faster than her escape velocity…

…and then a half-dead Martian shows up on her doorstep.

What are they saying about Trish Trash?

Jessica Abel treads assuredly in Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars…What’s really amazing about Abel’s performance, though, is that she pulls it off while juggling a few different agendas. Trish Trash isn’t just a sports story and a coming-of-age tale; it’s also a masterful critique of capitalism.


Abel’s art is sprawling and expressive, working with background artist Roberts and colorist Walter to fill each oversized page with eye-catching details.


Abel (La Perdida) designs a complex world at the intersection of class (and planetary) exploitation, spectator sports, and xenophobia.

– Publishers Weekly

When can I read more! I was so sad when this was finished.

– FaeryTale Ink

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Individual volumes

Trish Trash was originally released in three deluxe hardcover volumes. Click the covers to find them on Amazon!

Age range

Originally conceived for adults, Trish Trash is perfect for anyone 12 and up. Younger kids like it too, but might not get the nuances.

You’ll love Trish Trash if…

Check Trish out if you (or someone you love) is totally into sci-fi, rollerderby, reading about kickass girls, reading about kickass girls who are not white, and/or semi-dystopian post-environmental-collapse speculative fiction (oh wait, that’s everyone, isn’t it?).


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What’s it about?

Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars is the story of Trish “Trash” Nupindju, a 7-and-a-half year old girl on Mars (that’s 15 in Earth years). Like most Martys, she and her family struggle to survive. There’s no water to speak of on Mars, despite Earth astronomers’ predictions, something no one can explain. Everyone is up to their necks in debt to Arex (“We Are the Air You Breathe”) ever since their forerunners shipped over from Earth as indentured servants to escape the Meltdown on Earth. And if you can’t pay your debt with oras on Mars, Arex has got a berth for you, mining some godforsaken asteroid. It’s not a death sentence, but if you die out there, Arex will generously erase your personal debt. If you just lose your mind, well, that’s on you.

trish and marq

Trish’s Tío Robo is a moisture farmer out in the Candor Chasma, and her Tía Selima is a botanist. Her parents…they’ve been missing more than an (Earth) year, since just after they reported spotting some Martian natives on their last anthropological research mission.


The long and the short of it is: Life on Mars. Not great. What is great? Hover derby. Trish has every intention of becoming a top jammer and making it onto the Boreale Bombers. It’s not a ticket off Mars (there’s no such thing) but at least in Boreale you don’t have to wear a radsuit all day.

Jessica Abel writes and draws Trish, with extensive assistance on layouts, design, and backgrounds from Lydia Roberts, and color by Walter.

Check collaborator Lydia Roberts’ site here! Lydia Robotica.

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Ever wanted to rollerskate Mars?
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Meet Jessica Abel

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