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The Beautiful Ones

In 2009, for some reason, Editions Dargaud (my publisher for the Trish Trash project, as well as the French version of Life Sucks) decided to publish an anthology with Arte TV on the subject of… “Summer of the 80s”.

The whys of this decision are unknown to me.

Whatever the reason, I took the opportunity to work with Ron Wimberly on a 5-pager, “The Beautiful Ones.” It takes place at First Avenue/7th St. Entry in Minneapolis in 1983.

Ron arrived for a residency at la Maison des Auteurs a few weeks ago, and it’s made me remember this comic, and to hope we do it again!

The Beautiful Ones page 1
The Beautiful Ones page 2
The Beautiful Ones page 3
The Beautiful Ones page 4
The Beautiful Ones page 5

The Beautiful Ones by Jessica Abel and Ron Wimberly © 2009

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