DI, writer

DI (the pseudonym of) an alum of the creative Focus Workshop

I actually finished my One Goal!

I used to find trouble not so much in planning, but in committing to a plan or believing in my ability to stick to one and produce actual tangible work.

In the CFW for my One Goal I chose to focus on creating a collection of stories exploring my experience with sexuality.

Writing was hard going in the first few months. But in discussing the themes with confidants, it lead to some major earthquakes in my personal life that gave me more material as well as a way in to writing it. I finished it in 6 months, a Quick Win by my standards!!

It’s one of the most important and personal things I’ve ever written in my life. I’m so proud of myself for 1) writing it and 2) writing and distributing it within a year.

I wouldn’t have been so focused or motivated to chip away at this project so steadily and determinedly if I wasn’t a part of the CFW. Now I’m thinking about the next cohort! How exciting to think about all the projects that will (hopefully) be realized.