David Rhoades, cartoonist (Momentum System)

I’ve had the most stress-free sleep I’ve had in a long time.

I always believed that I needed to have these huge chunks of time set aside in order to get any work done. If I had a six-hour period set aside for comics, and other things ate up most of that time, and I’d think, Well, I can’t do anything now. I only have two hours.

I’ve had a huge perspective shift, where if I have 15 minutes, I know I can make progress just in that 15 minutes. That’s been huge, because now most of my life is made up in 30 minute chunks.

I’ve been able to go to bed and just know: whatever I didn’t get to today, that’s okay. I’ll do that tomorrow. I know I will get to it.

It’s been a massive change in the way that I look at my projects.