André Hedetoft, film director (Momentum System)

Before the workshop, I felt a lot of frustration. I’ve always had a lot of ideas. And really early on in a project, I have great inspiration and huge momentum and I get a lot of stuff done.

And then, of course, reality sets in. You get sick, or your kids get sick, or you’re overloaded with other work. And the momentum kind of dies out. And then you’re left with a whole bunch of really exciting, potentially awesome projects in the same state, with nothing really finished.

Now I look back and I realize that my God, I was working so differently six months ago. There are things I do and tools I have that make every day really, really much better. And that turns into a good week, and that turns into a good six week sprint, and that eventually turns into a finished film.

What you will find out, like I did, is that you can read about this as much as you like. But not before you’re actually in a workshop, doing the assignments each week, having this community around you, having Jessica to lead all of this—that’s where you’re going to see your life being transformed. So if you’re on the fence, I would say don’t think about it, just join. And you can thank me three months from now if you take my advice.