Curious about the Creative Focus Workshop? Here's what our alumni have to say:

Blog Featured Image - Braeden Doane

How being brave just ONCE brought forth a world of opportunities, and kickstarted a dream creative career


Say goodbye to creative burnout: “If it doesn’t fit, it won’t happen.”

liz schiller

“It’s kind of poised to leap now, and that’s really scary and exciting…”


“It’s like a fortune cookie” — When you surprise yourself with what you’re capable of

j shiman

How to build a sustainable work process that produces results WITHOUT burnout

the time is now

Focused action: The time to act is now

no gatekeeper

There is no gatekeeper. There is no gate.


Focus + accountability = massively improved creative productivity…now that’s math anyone can love


From nothing to on the air in 3 months: Community = accountability

michael w

“I know exactly what to do in the time I want to spend on making art.”