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The Incubator is the artist-centered program where self-employed creatives design a sustainable, profitable business rooted in their creative expertise.


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ACI Case Studies Blog Featured Image - Rauni Higson

From riding the rollercoaster to piloting the plane—how one artist brought joy and financial stability back to her business


Sewist overcomes burnout to stitch together a stronger business model


Frustrated filmmaker overcomes a crisis of confidence to find rapid success


Finding the Venn diagram of the work that pays well and the work you want to do

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From Burnt Out Artist to Joyful Creative Coach: The Power of the “Perfect Fit” Business Model

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Announcing 12 new sustainable creative businesses: Time to celebrate! 🎉


Are you on the hamster wheel of being overworked and underpaid? How one neurodivergent artist created a path to success

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Portrait painter doubles her commission income with the right marketing tools

Samantha Clark - The Quiet Coach and alum of The Autonomous Creative Incubator

From toxic academia to business as a support system: The power of guardrails to balance client work and studio time

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