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Solve for Sustainability

Three (and a half) steps to a profitable business that’s built to last

You’ve invested so much into creating an incredible product or service. Now it’s time to get paid. Find out how to design your business for profit and sustainability—in just 60 minutes.

If you find yourself working nights and weekends just to hold your business together yet still live in fear of peeking inside your checking account, this is for you.

Find out:

  • Why you need to build backwards to reach your revenue goals
  • The counterintuitive key to finishing and launching more
  • How “Cyclical Burnout” leads directly to overworking (and how to avoid it)
  • What big businesses aren’t telling us about their fundamental differences
  • The three essential factors that go into “sustainable” business design
  • Why ethical and equitable pricing doesn’t mean “cheap”
  • The one number you must know to Solve for Sustainability

Don't waste your valuable time passively watching slides.

💥💥This will be a hands-on workshop.💥💥

Come ready to not just take notes, but to use these techniques. (And maybe even volunteer for live coaching!)

YOUR reality (not mine, not your boss's, not your BFF's…) will be your guide to designing a sustainable—and lovable!—business that pays your bills.

Solve for Sustainability

FREE EVENT—and yes, there will be a replay!

Free calculator worksheet included to do all the math for you!

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make more money with creative business - jessica abel
I'm Jessica Abel

I’m a graphic novelist, author, business coach for creatives, and the founder of Autonomous Creative. I specialize in supporting midcareer creative business owners who are ready to start getting paid like the experts they are.

I reject the notion that small business is necessarily precarious and instead work to put the tools of making real money in less time—without creative compromise—into the hands of the artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who need them.

No matter how hard it’s been to stabilize your finances and build a sustainable business, you can do this!