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Blog post: If creativity is so freeing, why do I feel like I’m trapped?

You have a passion. You’re inspired and motivated. So why can’t you manage to do the thing?

Feel trapped?

Here’s some news: You are. Ready to get out?

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Say goodbye to creative burnout: “If it doesn’t fit, it won’t happen.”

When too many projects split your focus, nothing gets done—at least they don’t get done without a panicked scramble, cramming in extra work on evenings and weekends. Find out how screenwriter and film director André Hedetoft broke the pattern and started getting his most important work done on time.

Against grit: Why setting the bar low is the key to making real change in your life

You don’t need a will of iron or a massive supply of “grit” to make real changes in your life. Instead, you need to set the bar low. The secret to hitting those big creative goals is not about waiting for inspiration, it’s taking much smaller steps, much more often.

PLUS: free working session and worksheet to set your new creative habit!

12 hard-won tools and strategies from navigating a 12-year project

Or: How to Make Lemonade. The unvarnished truth about the obstacles, detours, and roadblocks I faced over 12 years working on Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars…and how I used those setbacks to level up.

How to finish that major project you’ve been avoiding for…ever

There are projects on your list that have been there a very long time. Everybody has them. I have them. Here’s how to (finally) get them done.

Stop fixating on “shoulds” — follow through on your new creative habit

Banish the endless self-critical monologue running in your head. Decide what you want to do, what you WILL do, and follow through on your creative habit.

Treat yourself like a dog

If we all agree that punishment and cruelty don’t work on others, why are they your go-tos when it comes to changing your own less-than optimal behaviors?

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8 Ways To Stop Making Excuses + Finally Go After Your Big Creative Goals

Prioritize the work you’re most excited about, let go of nasty, burdensome “shoulds”, and build rock-solid new creative habits!

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Chasing Creative

“Jessica Abel is cartoonist and author who is demystifying the creative process. Join us as we talk about her philosophy that the creative life is just . . . life. You’ll gain practical strategies for integrating creativity into your everyday life with systems and routines that work for you.”

Marginally: A podcast about writing, work, and friendship

“She gave us some great advice on saying goodbye to projects we have finished, how to pick a project when you have a million ideas, and how to manage your energy in your creative and day job lives.”