I’ve long had an interest in comics education. Ever since I first built a website (in 1998 or so), I included some guides to how to make comics (archived here as DIY— the Artbabe guide to making comics and has guides to materials, stages for drawing a comics page, tracebacks, and making minicomics).

After I began teaching at the School of Visual Arts in 2001, I started thinking about writing textbooks. Eleven years later, Matt Madden and I have written two: Drawing Words & Writing Pictures and Mastering Comics. We’ve also made a comprehensive online companion to those books,, where you can find all kinds of activities and information to help you learn to make (or teach) comics.

I’ve also made a two-page comic/poster to introduce readers to graphic novels and give a basic idea of how to approach and read them, What is a Graphic Novel? I’ve made it available via a Creative Commons license for anyone to use for non-profit educational purposes.

If you’re interested in having me come out and educate you or yours directly, check out my events section for more on my talks and workshops.