Episode 9 Out On The Wire Make It Work

Episode 9: Make it Work

with your host Jessica Abel

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Out On The Wire Make It Work

It’s one thing to finish a story, it’s another to make stories your career. In our final episode of season one of Out on the Wire we talk to three creative professionals, Jakob Lewis of the podcast Neighbors, Dave Kellett of the comics Sheldon and Drive and the documentary Stripped, and Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of the comics Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, about how they create their work, put food on the table, and make a life in the constantly shifting creative landscape.

Start before you’re ready. Just start. #bgsdlist

— Kelly Sue DeConnick, 15 January 2016, Bitches Get Shit Done

Listen to the show:

If you’re looking for a written version of the show, check out our transcript. 

Your challenge

This is the last episode of Out on the Wire Season One, so the real question is, once you’ve learned some storytelling skills, what’s next? Your ongoing challenge:

Make your work. Keep making it. Find support. Take control of how you’ll make money from your work. Make more work. Get shit done!

This week we heard from:

Jakob Lewis, Dave Kellett, and Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Links to the stories and shows we talked about:

Jakob’s podcast Neighbors

The Heard Podcast Collective

This American Life #389 Long Shot

The Transom Story Workshop

The Third Coast International Audio Festival

Dave’s comic strip Sheldon

Dave’s sci-fi Comic Drive

Dave and Fred Schroeder’s documentary Stripped

Kelly Sue’s FAQ

The “how do you do it all” message on Kelly Sue’s Tumblr

More about “Bitches Get Shit Done”

BGSD archive

To sign up for Kelly Sue’s “Bitches Get Shit Done” text blasts: text @bitchesg to (971) 244-8342

Start before you’re ready. Just start. #bgsdlist
— Kelly Sue DeConnick, 15 January 2016, Bitches Get Shit Done

The end?

This may or may not be the end of Out on the Wire. Who knows what the future brings? Either way, it’s been a great pleasure to share this journey with you. We want to say thank you to all our listeners, and especially our Working Group members who made this all possible. Keep on making stuff! 

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