A 4-hour, hands-on workshop for overcoming the resistance that causes you to stall out.

Learn how to recognize and predict when perfectionism, impostor syndrome, distraction, procrastination, and scarcity so you can predict, and AVOID the pitfalls that derail you time and time again.

You'll get:

A one-hour interactive workshop with multiple journaling prompts,  the comprehensive Creative Engine Worksheet, and two hours of recorded case study hotseats, where I work through individual questions and challenges with live participants .

Gain command over your creative process...and with it, a sense of confidence that keeps you moving—even when things get really challenging!
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The Creative Engine Intensive

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Sideline Social:

The low-tech, high-impact audience building plan
A 3-session, hands-on workshop where you'll learn:
  • How to grow your audience without trying to "win" the algorithm...
  • ...or even giving a crap about social media
  • A powerful framework for crystalizing what your work is about so that the right people hear you clear as a bell
  • A toolbox of 10 flexible strategies that keep the control of your growth in your own hands
Walk away with an action plan to kick off building your fanbase this week!