The Creative Focus Workshop is Closed - Jessica Abel

The Creative Focus Workshop is Closed

Hear what students get out of the Creative Focus Workshop

The Creative Focus Workshop

The Creative Focus Workshop is the only program specifically designed for serious creative people who are ready to level up and put their real work at the core of how they live their lives.

Be confident you’re investing your time in the RIGHT idea

When you have a new idea, you’ll make a call about whether and when to pursue it, and have the confidence you’re making the right decision. That’s what comes with planning and achieving milestones—our core work in the Creative Focus Workshop.

Take control of your most ambitious, scariest projects

Wouldn’t it be great if the thought of taking on a big project didn’t overwhelm you? With powerful Creative Focus tools in hand, and the support of our great community, you’ll know how to grapple with its complexities, to break it down and make it manageable.

Prioritize creative work without blowing up the rest of your life

Do you want to set realistic goals and milestones, and hit them? When you build your system around your actual life, rather than some fantasy version of it, you can make this happen.

Become Alternate-Reality You

When you take control of your projects and your creative life, you’ll live ever closer to the secret truth about you (that you’ve been afraid to reveal to anyone)…

…that you’re a novelist, a poet, a filmmaker, a podcaster, a designer, a business owner…

…in short, YOU’RE A BOSS.

The CFW is a custom-built hybrid of coaching program and course

It’s got online-course-like elements: Lessons that are presented in written and audio format, with worksheets. These elements are asynchronous and online—access them on your schedule, wherever you want.

It’s got in-person-seminar-like elements: I pace out the lessons over the course of five weeks so that we’re all working on the same thing at the same time, to foment better, deeper conversations, and to motivate faster progress on your part.

It’s got group-coaching elements: We have an active online community hosted on Slack where you and your colleagues can dive deep together and lend mutual support and ideas. I’m in there daily during the course, giving feedback and encouragement. (This element mirrors how students rely on each other and me in my live classroom.) We have group video meetings (that are also recorded) where you can ask questions live, and get answers tailored to your situation.

And, if you opt for the Momentum System (more on that below), it’s got 1:1 coaching elements. You get facetime with me, to fine tune and hone your Creative Focus to your own life.