The Creative Compass Challenge:

Welcome to the Creative Compass Challenge

During the Creative Compass Challenge, create the complete, personalized system you need to buckle down and finish your amazing, inspiring (& maybe overwhelming!) creative dream projects.

The course consists of five days of fast, achievable actions that will change the way you own your creative life.

Here’s your schedule & daily homework:

Each day of the challenge has an audio recording of the lesson content, PLUS audio and video recordings of Creative Compass Coaching sessions.
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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s nothing wrong with you: Creative work can be legitimately scary.

Executing on this work consistently and sustainably is a long process, and it’ll take commitment and accountability to yourself (over time).

There’ll be a lot of specific things that can get in your way, and we’re here to help you get past those resistors.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll be practicing the habit of imperfect action. Courage before confidence!

It’s so important to take action before you have every detail nailed down. That’s how you make huge progress before you know what’s happening!

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