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Guest Workshops with Jessica Abel

Working together to support your people

Hi there—I’m Jessica

I’m a business strategist for mid-career creatives: I’m committed to helping people finish and get paid for the work they love—the work that is on no one’s schedule but their own.

I’m an indie cartoonist and author turned business owner. I founded Autonomous Creative to help other creatives build a thriving creative practice and business.

My coaching specialties are solving income gaps with business model design and offer development, as well as creative productivity and executive function. I love helping leaders by getting their people unstuck and solving problems! 

Who I work with

Mid-career, committed creatives

  • People with professional experience in a wide variety of creative fields, both self-employed and employed in creative industries: Writers, people in high-end crafts, filmmakers, designers, architects, musicians, performers, software writers, visual artists, coaches, consultants, and service providers. 
  • People employed in creative industries who feel squelched in their current role and are looking to take the leap to self-employment, but want to ensure they are setting themselves up for success. 
  • Accomplished self-employed creatives who struggle to bring in a consistent income. Creatives who’ve been in the trenches for many years who find themselves doing too much underpaid client work, getting siloed into low-level projects instead of prioritizing the creative work that has the potential to make their careers. 

How do we run a guest workshop with Jessica?

You and I schedule a date and choose a topic for the workshop that will best serve your audience.

You invite your people—your email list or membership—to the workshop. I bring customized content and teach live. I’d love it if you attend the workshop live to say hi and introduce me, but that’s not required.

The workshop is a high-value, live class, and lays out useful, attainable action steps that will unlock major a-has.

My team takes care of all the tech and prepares all the marketing materials - you just schedule the invitation emails and social media.

Class Topics

TOPIC: Three steps to sustainable Business design FOR CREATIVE BUSINESSES

Creative Dreams to Sustainable Success: Turn Your Creative Work into Financial Stability

Most creatives plunge into self-employment because they want to build a life where they have the flexibility and time to do truly creative work (and to get paid for it!).

But the reality is often so different: The dream of freedom and creativity endlessly recedes into the distance as we exhaust ourselves working late nights and weekends, piling on gig after underpaid gig…just to make ends meet.

That situation is a bullet train to Burnout-ville.

Finding sustainable success is not simply a matter of doing ever more awesome work. (If it were, you'd be there already!)

This session will walk you through the life-changing business design decisions you probably didn’t know you need to make.

Whether you’re self-employed now, or planning to launch a new business, in this workshop, you’ll…

  • Unwind the toxic mythology we’ve been fed about how creatives “should” go about making a living so that you can design your business around YOUR needs and who you are.
  • Discover the three simple steps to designing a business that's both financially sustainable and creatively satisfying
  • Get the (free) Income Clarity Calculator to find out exactly how you can hit your income goals and the specific choices you must make if you plan to get there.

You’ll come away with a map to a future where you feel safe, stable, and supported in your work by getting real about your needs.


🍑 ➕ 🪑 Butt In Chair: 4 steps to beat overwhelm and the unexpected secret to becoming a finisher

If you've stopped even looking at your to-do list because you have 50 million things unfinished...

Time to take action.

You know that just thinking about your ambitious, future-focused projects will get you nowhere. But even if you know exactly what you want to work on, it's all too easy to let everything else take precedence.

The problem is, it's not just a matter of telling yourself that this is what you're going to do today. You have a complicated adult life full of real responsibilities.

Put time for your projects on your calendar AND actually make use of that time all week, instead of letting it slip away.

When you get your butt in that chair, you'll…

  • Create an action plan for your week built around what's actually true in your life, so that you’re not just winging it and hoping for the best, but dealing with reality and making it work for you.
  • Make smart, conscious decisions about what you want to focus on so that at the end of the day you feel a sense of accomplishment instead of failure
  • Commit to value your own projects and priorities as much as the things you’re doing for others in order to set healthy boundaries
  • Reduce creative overwhelm
  • Finish the projects that matter most, first!

Free planning worksheet included!


  • Live online webinar/class for groups, courses, communities, memberships
  • Guest expert Q&A in courses, communities, memberships
  • Guest blog post or guest newsletter
  • Interview on your podcast
  • Speak at your summit or in-person event


We’ll handle all the tech and all the content.

You just invite your list and show up live.

We do:


Set up the Zoom call and RSVP page

Give you invitation email text

Give you social media text and graphics

Remind registrants to attend live!


Give the workshop

Answer Q&A at the end


We’ll send follow up emails with offers to enroll in my course.

Two to three weeks after a pitch webinar, we’ll send your your affiliate earnings!

All you'll do is:


Schedule pre-workshop invitation emails (2-3)
Schedule social media invitation posts

(We’ll send you email copy, social share text and images)

During WEBINAR (Optional)

Introduce me

Moderate the live chat

Pose Q&A at the end


You’re all set!


This has been really inspiring and I feel really hopeful and excited about what could be, thank you for sharing this!

Sara Creative Dreams

Thank you both for all of your insights, personal and professional! 

This was transformative.

Kavita Butt in Chair

My jaw dropped...

Creative Dreams

Thank you both for GIVING us so much. Inspiring. It boosts the thought that the "world is a wonderful place."

Judy Butt in Chair

This has been really reaffirming. I'm really jazzed right now. Thank you for offering this workshop!

Creative Dreams

Jessica, thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate it!

Philip Creative Dreams

Sound good?

The next step is to find a time for our event.

Email me at

  • Once we have you on the calendar we’ll send you promotional assets to share with your list and on your social media.
  • After that, we just meet at the event and do something awesome with your audience!