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The Creative Engine Masterclass

Boost your creative productivity, overcome your resistance, and put your priorities FIRST.

In the Creative Engine Masterclass, get clarity on what makes your creative life tick...and what causes it to break down.

  • Master the four essential phases of creative production...and learn why, when you skip one of these crucial steps, you find yourself stuck.
  • Predict the appearance of your "resistors" — "Shoulds", perfectionism, impostor syndrome, distraction, procrastination, and scarcity...learn to avoid those traps!
  • Gain command over your process that will give you a sense of proportion and control to keep you moving — even when things get really challenging.
  • Learn the secret of leveling up your creative life! 

Recognizing my stuckness is not unique or indicative of my failure as an artist is such a relief. Getting stuck between phases is normal! Best of all, I have "stuckness patterns" I can see now, so I can plan ahead for those. Thanks so much!

Dorothea Deley

Creative Engine Masterclass

This is such important insight into the specific kinds of resistance we face.

David Rhoades

Creative Engine Masterclass

Thanks for the insight, the encouragement, and the push! I've enjoyed everything! Thanks Jessica!

Britney Johnson

Creative Engine Masterclass
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The Creative Compass Challenge

5 Simple steps to finish your creative project

  • Day 1: Stake your claim on your single most important creative priority, so that you know where to focus
  • Day 2: Design a (simple!) system to make getting started automatic
  • Day 3: Clear your dance card to make space for the work that matters most
  • Day 4: Face down your inner bully who tells you your work isn’t worth it
  • Day 5: Draw your map to finishing! Identify your next step and start making real progress

At the end of the 5 day challenge, you'll have everything you need to finish your project in record time...without needing to finish your endless to-do list first!