Quit giving your best creative time away, and get your OWN work finished!

You’ve invested years into your incredible creative work. You know it’s at the core of who you are.
And yet, you still find yourself procrastinating and doing anything BUT focusing on your own important projects.

Now find out exactly what’s holding you back from finishing, and how to smash your obstacles — in 90 minutes!

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You don't want to miss this! This training has been transformational for so many people:


I know that you're deeply, fully committed to your writing, art, performance, music, design…or whatever concrete form it is that your creativity takes.

Yet, when it comes time to actually make the thing...


It's like you short-circuit.

  • Your inner critic comes roaring out and shuts you down.
  • You find your attention dragged off by some other shiny new project.
  • You can't stop feeling guilty, and that you should focus on your family, or other work.
  • Your clients, children, friends, boss, parents constantly demand your attention.
  • Or you simply dither and waste hours on end trying to get started.

There's nothing wrong with you.

There's a breakdown somewhere in your Creative Engine. And you can repair it!

If you’ve been trying forever to corral your unruly brain so you can focus and finish, you’ll love finding out:

How to identify which productivity “best practices” are in fact killing your progress (So you can IGNORE them)

The 4 phases of the creative process you must implement to produce awesome work reliably (You’re probably skipping at least one!)

The superpower hidden in your long history of valiant efforts to devote time and attention to your creative work

How to pinpoint what’s stopping you so you can keep moving on your work — even when it feels like making progress is totally out of your power

Why specific (and dreaded) pitfalls derail you over and over, so you can predict and AVOID them

PLUS: In the first 10 minutes, you'll identify which stage of the creative process you’re in, and the key issues that you’re facing as a result!

Jessica Abel Books Cropped

Hi, I'm Jessica!

I've been a working professional cartoonist and author for over 25 years, and I help serious creatives get their most important work off the back burner and out into the real world.

My simple, achievable, down-to-earth approach has helped thousands of creative people stop letting other people hijack their priorities, and start finishing and launching the work they know matters most.

No matter how long you've been trying—and failing—to take control of your focus and productivity, you can do this!