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Course/Group Coaching Program:

The Creative Focus Workshop

The Creative Focus Workshop is the only program specifically designed to help serious creative people level up and put the work that really matters to them at the core of how they live their lives.

The CFW is a step-by-step course that is hosted in the midst of a robust, active accountability community of other committed, serious creatives, The Autonomous Creative Collective.

The tools you'll learn in the CFW combined with an engaged community who really get what you struggle with is a magic combination that will guide and support you through overcoming perfectionism, taking control of your insane to-do list, finding time in your week for your most important creative work, saying NO to putting other people’s priorities before your own… all without blowing up the rest of your life!

If you've got a game-changing project on the back burner—due to perfectionism, overwhelm, too many other demands in your life, or because you just don't know your next step…The Creative Focus Workshop is for you.
Course/Group Coaching Program:

Authentic Visibility

The difference between the creative who grows a thriving audience for their work and the one who never makes a splash is one thing: Action.

Authentic Visibility is a 6-month program for creatives who (think they) hate marketing. Our approach is aligned with the concerns of artists and creatives, not B-school bros and Instagram influencers. 

You’ll learn simple, clear methods to build a relationship with a passionate audience using empathy and creativity, in full alignment with your ethics and values, and clear self-defined boundaries to protect your safety.

This program is designed to be simple and fast, and to give you a strong mastery of the basics. You can learn and implement at your own place, so that you never fall into the overwhelm trap. And you’ll be able to get answers to all your questions from a community of creatives in every discipline and field who are doing the work with you. 

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