How to silence your inner critic: Embrace it.

How to silence your inner critic

Does your inner critic launch an attack on you every time you get close to finishing, or sharing, your creative work? “Ugh, seriously? You are such an idiot. Who would ever want to read such garbage! Now, sit down and shut up, before someone notices you.” Sound familiar? That’s the loop that plays on endless…

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Imperfect mortals: What really makes a creative community work

A year ago, I started an online creative community.  It was just luck that I took the dive and committed to convening an ongoing online support system (for serious creatives who’ve taken my flagship course, the Creative Focus Workshop) just in time to provide the kind of deep, flexible, empathetic comradeship we all need so…

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Working From Home: Tools for Sanity in Isolation

If you’re like a lot of people I know, you’ve long wished for flex time and the freedom to work from home. But our current situation brings to mind one of those bargains with the devil you see in movies, where you ask for flex time, and then the devil is like: You’ve got it!…

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Feeling stuck? 6 ways to defeat the blank page✍️

defeat the blank page

Recently, I wrote about how common it is to feel the impulse to undermine yourself and get derailed just when things are going well. It’s great if you can identify what’s happening in time, and pull back from the brink. But what if you’ve already managed to drive your project into a ditch, and you’re…

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Losing focus? There are reasons you derail your progress

It happens every time I get about two-thirds of the way through the Creative Focus Workshop with a group of students, and creaky, self-defeating patterns start breaking down. People start to take action on projects that have been back-burnered for ages. Stuff starts to happen. It was happening for Chris, who has wanted for years…

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