1,000 True Fans + 1 Elephant in the Room

1000 true fans: Misleading?

Listen to this post: Want to listen to this post (and more) on your fave podcast app? Sign up to get invited to my private audio feed! Send me the private feed! The compelling logic of 1,000 True Fans In 2008, Kevin Kelly (former editor of Wired) proposed the thesis that a working creative doesn’t…

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How to make it as an artist: Stop following the rules

How to make it as an artist

Yeah, that’s me on stage with podcasting stars Roman Mars and Glynn Washington, with my comics projected 20 feet tall onscreen. It was 2015. It was a pinnacle of my artist career. Yet I had no idea how to truly make it as an artist. That’s the problem with looking at the outside of someone’s…

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Raise your bar for risk: do something scary and don’t die

I’ve got a vulnerability hangover. I recently finished a launch campaign for my new course on building an audience and marketing specifically tailored for creatives who (think they) loathe marketing. You might not know what I mean by a “launch campaign” (I sure didn’t, the first time I found myself running one, back in early…

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Authentic Visibility: Growing your audience without selling your soul

The secret to becoming known for the work that you care about most without selling your soul or wasting all your time on humiliating “self-promotion”? Authentic Visibility. Let’s do a little thought experiment. Let’s say you’re working on something big. (Yes: all real projects that are currently emerging from Authentic Visibility students. You know you…

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