Mirror Window

Mirror, Window

Comics short stories of young Chicagoans grappling with serious questions, such as Does she love me?, Can I stay friends with someone who has betrayed my trust?, and Can I make a life as an artist?

La Perdida development notes

This is a random assortment of notes and thumbs from the development of La Perdida that you might find interesting. Note that most of it is written/drawn on recycled paper, thus the weird stuff bleeding through. Being messy is part of the process at this point–getting it down on (any kind of) paper is what


The best of Artbabe Volume 1, including most of the stories from the first four (minicomics) issues, long out of print, and Vol 1 #5, the issue for which I won a Xeric grant.

©Alain François

Say yes to cheese and grapes.

Take a pause to really see what you’ve accomplished, and celebrate it. Today, I’m celebrating the release of my new podcast.

Out on the Wire is out in the world + USA book tour dates

Out on the Wire: the Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio, my comics documentary on the narrative ideas and techniques of the new generation of top audio producers hit the bookstores last Tuesday. And I’m making a few stops for book events in the USA in September. I hope you’ll come see me; I’d be thrilled to get a chance to sign your books for you.

The audio stories in Out on the Wire

An index of all the stories mentioned in Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio, in order of appearance: L’atelier du son This American Life Episode 126: Do Gooders This American Life Episode 355: The Giant Pool of Money Jessica Kittams’ “One Acre” from The Transom Workshop “Email Encryption Rare in

the faces of Carla

Here are some of the early stages I went through to develop Carla’s look.

La Perdida cocktail

Matt is a huge cocktail fanatic, and invented this amazing drink in honor of the la Perdida book release. Try it; you won’t be sorry. Well, maybe a little sorry if you have more than a couple. It’s delicious (and deceptively “quaffable”…might as well be called La Noche Perdida (the Lost Night)). 1 oz. silver

La Perdida playlist

In 2006, when the graphic novel came out, I was asked by Largehearted Boy to put together a playlist for La Perdida. It’s a cool idea: try some of these. You’ll like them. I can’t write with music on. At least not music I care about, whether I like it or hate it. It’s ironic,