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One year ACC
Imperfect mortals: What really makes a creative community work
personal brand
How to accidentally build an “Authentic Personal Brand” when the whole idea makes you gag
Staying at home
Coping With Staying at Home: How to Survive—and Thrive—While Under Quarantine
The Growing Gills Book Club
The Growing Gills Book Club
anxiety and procrastination
Overcome procrastination and anxiety — follow through on your creative habit
defeat the blank page
Feeling stuck? 6 ways to defeat the blank page✍️
2019-06-28 20.02.12
Losing focus? There are reasons you derail your progress
Say goodbye to creative burnout: “If it doesn’t fit, it won’t happen.”
the scarcity trap
Why do I feel trapped as an artist if creativity is so freeing?
against grit
Against grit: Why setting the bar low is the key to making real change in your life
trish square
Making better comics: 12 years and 12 hard-won lessons learned
trish release square
Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars – Released today!