Angoulême festival 2015! Trish Trash!

Whether you’re a friend, fan, or fellow cartoonist, you probably know that January is a very busy month for comics in France, as it is once again time for the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée here in Angoulême. In addition to the usual festival craziness, this year’s event will be particularly exciting for me, as it will mark the first time I’ve originated a book in French, with a French publisher, thus achieving a goal I set for myself the very first time I went to FIBD, back in 1998 (although then I said I wanted to do it in 5 years). True fact. Ask Tom Devlin.trishskatethumb

Trish Trash: Rollergirl sur Mars from Editions Dargaud. For preview pages, diagrams, and book trailer visit the Dargaud blog.

Signing schedule

I will be signing books and drawing dédicaces at the Dargaud table in Le Monde Des Bulles Hall 1 (location 1 on map), at the Place du Champ de Mars, at the following times:

Thursday, January 29th: 1pm – 4pm

Friday, January 30th: 10am – 1pm

Saturday, January 31: 12:30pm – 3pm

Sunday, February 1: 4pm – 6pm

I’ll also be at la Librairie de la Cité Sunday, February 1: 11:30 am – 12:30 am


Another don’t-miss event is the Sillages exposition at the Maison des Auteurs, which will give visitors a chance to check out a sampling of the amazing work that is being produced by the artists in residence here, including (ahem) me.  I’ll have two original pages from Trish Trash and the cover drawing on display at the show. The opening is always packed and super fun. Don’t miss it.

Vernissage Friday Jan 29, 6 pm- 8 pm

You can find the Expo Sillages (location 16 on the FIBD map) at La Maison des Auteurs. Check out this fantastic poster by Nylso—another MdA resident whose work will be in the show.sillages

The locations of all events can be found on this map, le plan du festival.

If you are attending the festival—and if you’re not, I’m not sure why you’re reading this—I’ve written up some food recommendations to help you feel like you’ve actually been somewhere in particular (other than the World of Comics)—it’s a follow-up to last year’s essential dining post by Abby Denson and me with lots more info on local charentais foods and specialties.

I hope to see some of you on the festival floor!

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