Jennifer Shiman, animator and cartoonist

After taking a “sabbatical” from my primary creative work to complete a few of “my own secondary creative projects,” and to care for my daughter, my goal on entering the Creative Focus Workshop was to hitting the ground running by fall, to figure out who I am as a creative professional, and how I want

Erik Loyer, alum of the Creative Focus Workshop

Erik Loyer, digital media artist and UX designer

My One Goal project, Stepworks—”a creative playground for rhythmic storytelling”—has launched! Before the Creative Focus Workshop, It had been 15 years since my own content was in the driver’s seat, and I wanted to find that voice again. I don’t have a problem coming up with ideas, but figuring out which ones to focus on

DI (the pseudonym of) an alum of the creative Focus Workshop

DI, writer

I actually finished my One Goal! I used to find trouble not so much in planning, but in committing to a plan or believing in my ability to stick to one and produce actual tangible work. In the CFW for my One Goal I chose to focus on creating a collection of stories exploring my

Dean Johnson, alum of hte Creative Focus Workshop

Dean Johnson, Residential designer

I abandoned my first response about the Creative Focus Workshop, because it was sounding really over the top with how many positive changes it got rolling in my life. It was about the transformations in my home and home office…and yard, actually. It just helped me clean everything up. I hadn’t expected that the course

Tamara Sorelli, alum of the Creative Focus Workshop

Tamara Sorelli, actor and cartoonist

The CFW has given me an excellent foundation for staying engaged with my creative projects.  In the past it has been too easy for me to get pulled into several different directions with my time and energy, to the point where my confidence to pursue the things that matter most to me has been eroding.

John Lauer, designer and sculptor, alum of the Creative Focus Workshop

John Lauer, designer and sculptor

Getting comfortable with putting work I consider still in development out in public—and then finishing it—used to be a major hurdle. But in the Creative Focus Workshop, my perfectionism calmed down once I backed off from trying to make “gallery-ready art.” Now I call everything prototypes and study models, which is what they really are,

Coni Rojas-Molina, mathematician and science communicator (Momentum System)

Before the CFW I felt very isolated and overwhelmed, but inside the workshop I found a community where everybody was struggling with the same things in one way or another, and everybody was taking their stuff very seriously. That made me feel a) not afraid, b) supported, c) motivated. I felt this resistance to the

Jamie Berger, podcaster (Momentum System)

When I have community, I have accountability. Even now, simply the fact of knowing there are a few people listening keeps me making the podcast. Community is huge. It’s really easy to say, “I’m going to fail at this. I’m not going to do it.” But something about the group of the Creative Focus Workshop

Geneviève Gendron, visual artist

All my life, I have had a hard time creating. I have felt blocked, paralyzed from creating even the simplest illustration. Why did I take the course? I was clueless as how to overcome that. Even going to the university and completing my degree didn’t teach me how to manage it. Focusing on the source of the problem was crucial to me and

Sarah Sheppard, cartoonist

My creative practice used to feel amorphous and inefficient. I spent a huge amount of time worrying about my project, feeling bad for not getting anything done, feeling insecure about my lack of skill. Since finishing CFW, the difference is amazing! I no longer wait until I feel up for working…just plant my ass in