Finally give your creative work the attention it deserves.

Tame the chaos.
End procrastination.
Make time for what matters.

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Does it feel like the world is trying to prevent you from making the work you truly love?

Stop letting every other thing take precedence over the game-changing work you want to create.

It’s the work that you hold closest to your heart that could truly make a dent in the universe. But you keep spinning your wheels — or feel constant anxiety that any unassigned moment means you have to jam in more work.

Whether you’re a freelancer, you run a business, or you have a day job, chances are the day-to-day demands of making a living are already overwhelming.

You dream of building an adoring audience, of finding clients and customers who can’t live without you (and pay accordingly), and of living a life where your creativity is the nexus of your days.

… and to get to it before you wake up 5 years later having given up hours, days, weeks of time with your family and friends…with nothing to show for it.

It’s time you flipped that dynamic and put the work that really matters first.

You’ve absolutely got what it takes — without a doubt — to commit to the major projects you envision. And to do it in a way that allows you to stop overworking yourself, recharge, and become a full participant in your life.

You're in the right place if you want to find out how to finally make it all happen.

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The Creative Engine Masterclass

FREE On-Demand Video Training

Boost your creative productivity, overcome your resistance, and put your priorities FIRST.

In the Creative Engine Masterclass, get clarity on what makes your creative life tick...and what causes it to break down.

  • Master the four essential phases of creative production...and learn why, when you skip one of these crucial steps, you find yourself stuck.
  • Predict the appearance of your "resistors" — "Shoulds", perfectionism, impostor syndrome, distraction, procrastination, and scarcity...learn to avoid those traps!
  • Gain command over your process that will give you a sense of proportion and control to keep you moving — even when things get really challenging.
  • Learn the secret of leveling up your creative life! 

I've always had a lot of ideas. And really early on in a project, I have great inspiration and huge momentum and I get a lot of stuff done.

And then, of course, reality sets in. You get sick, or your kids get sick, or you're overloaded with other work. And the momentum kind of dies out. And then you're left with a whole bunch of really exciting, potentially awesome projects in the same state, with nothing really finished.

After working with Jessica, I look back and I realize that my God, I was working so differently six months ago. There are things I do and tools I have that make every day really, really much better. And that turns into a good week, and that turns into a good six week sprint, and that eventually turns into a finished film.

André Hedetoft,
film director

Before working with Jessica, I felt absolutely overwhelmed, and I had too many ideas to really get focused in on what I needed to do, and no way to consistently sort them. I felt guilty all the time, I felt like I never deserved a break.

And it felt like I was never going to be able to grow out of it.

Now, I have given myself a promotion. It's amazing how much my firm has grown and how much clarity I've gotten around what I do. I'm able to go and sell projects now that I would never have even attempted to follow up on as a result of what I have learned.

The Creative Focus Workshop is one of the best investments I've made all year.

Jenny Trautman,

Build a life where you get to do the work that’s most inspiring to you.

Devoting your time to creative work is your right. 

I’m Jessica Abel. Working as a creative professional for over 20 years (as a cartoonist, author, teacher, and coach) I know all too well the challenges of cobbling together a creative life.

I help all types of creatives navigate the traps that keep you from making space for the creative work that matters — without blowing up everything else in your life. If you're ready to get started...


The Creative
Focus Workshop

Time to level up?

Tame the chaos and carve out precious creative focus time for your real work!

In our flagship course and group coaching program, The Creative Focus Workshop, hosted inside the Autonomous Creative Collective accountability and support community, creative workers—writers, podcasters, filmmakers, designers, visual artists, cartoonists, journalists, academics—and “creative class” business owners: coaches, consultants, copywriters, designers, app developers—learn and work together to build sustainable, creativity-centered careers and lives.

WHOA. I seriously wish I had learned this a DECADE ago in high school, or at least college. I think I could have saved myself a LOT of angst, and also allowed myself to go and try to get things DONE without all of the anxiety.

I was honestly SO nervous to join this class (Am I "creative" enough to qualify for this group? Will I feel out of place? Is this a totally horrible and "selfish" thing to do?), and I am SO, SO glad that I made the leap.

I've learned skills in this class, and gained some tools that I know will serve me well for a long time. It has seriously been AMAZING.

Charlotte Soesanto,
Momentum System group coaching

I abandoned my first response about the Creative Focus Workshop, because it was sounding really over the top with how many positive changes it got rolling in my life. It was about the transformations in my home and home office…and yard, actually. It just helped me clean everything up.

Family and friends could hardly believe the changes for the better.

Knowing I could diagnose my own efficiency pitfalls, I had the confidence to ask for a salary with this super efficient home designer, thus giving me an instant full-time client base and a stable income. It's a wonderful feeling.

Dean Johnson, alum of hte Creative Focus WorkshopDean Johnson,
residential designer


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Discover the step-by-step process and underlying frameworks of how shows like This American Life, Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Planet Money, the Moth Radio Hour, Radio Diaries, and 99% Invisible weave their magic spell.

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