DWWP: learn to make comics in 15 chapters

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures is a systematic course on that teaches the alchemical art of combining words and pictures to make comics. In it, we have laid out a complete, structured syllabus that guides students from creating narrative within a single drawing to orchestrating all the skills involved in creating a multi-page, complex story.

  • learn to exploit word-image juxtaposition
  • explore panel transitions
  • overcome penciling obstacles
  • master the fundamentals of story structure
  • lay out comics pages clearly and quickly
  • apply principles of composition to your work
  • letter dialogue and narration and design titles
  • create compelling characters
  • learn to ink with a brush and a nib pen
  • develop convincing visual environments

There’s a website that goes along with the book to help people using the book on their own, outside of a classroom, and for teachers who want to incorporate DWWP into their curriculum. Check it out here: dw-wp.com

Read an excerpt of Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, or buy it from the publisher or your favorite vendor.

Written at a college level for use in organized courses or for independent study, the DWWP method foregrounds visual and structural storytelling, with frequent dips into the nuts and bolts of actually getting ideas on paper, including thumbnailing, penciling, lettering, and inking with both a nib and a brush. Students will also learn principles such as composition as it applies to the panel and the page.

Unlike existing instructional books devoted to comics, which lack both concrete exercises and progress markers, this is a true textbook that has a cumulative and carefully systematized methodology. Each of the fifteen chapters focuses on a particular aspect of comics and comes complete with homework, extra credit activities and supplementary reading suggestions. Illustrated extensively by the authors and with numerous examples of international masters of the medium, DWWP provides a comprehensive introduction to the form that will give students the tools to create their own works in this art on the rise.

The ideas and methods taught in DWWP apply equally to all kinds of long-form graphic narrative: whether one page to a thousand, whether superheroes, manga, memoir, or any other narrative approach. We do not discriminate based on style or story content. These tools will serve all.

Additional resources for students and teachers are available on the accompanying website, DW-WP.com.