diy: making minicomics

Step 6: Mock Up (AKA Imposition Guide)

Step 6: Mock Up (AKA Imposition Guide)

I cannot say strongly enough: this is a VITAL step. You MUST make a mockup of your minicomic if you don’t want to make a screw-up.

A mockup is a deceptively simple thing. Start with your list from Step 3. Let’s say that you’ve decided to make a 20-page digest-sized minicomic, including 16 pages of comics, a FC, a BC, a blank IFC, and the indicia on the IBC.

20 pages in a digest-sized mini…how many sheets is that? There are four sides to each folded-once sheet, so that makes five sheets.

Take five sheets of scrap paper, fold them in half the long way, and you’ve got the basis of your mockup.

The next step is to refer to your list once again and to label each of the pages in a bold, visible way with both page number and what goes on that page. Make sure that you underline the “6” and the “9”, for accurate future ID, since they are inverted versions of the same shape. Also underline any number that could be read the same way upside down, like the “1” and the “8”. Make sure your notation system is something you’ll understand after you put this away and come back to it. That’s it! (see right)

Using the mockup is a bit more complicated. first, you unfold it, and lay it flat. Pick up the top sheet of paper, what was the center of the book. Notice that is has pages 10 and 11 wirtten on top.

Now, flip just the tiop sheet over. Pages 9 and 12 are next to each other.

It’s very confusing, really almost impossible in all but the simplest books, to try to figure out these juxtapositions without the help of a mockup. particularly if you’re making a comic that requires more than one fold. Above you can see what an 8-page mini-sized imposotion guide looks like.

You can see that the pages aren’t even all facing the same direction.