diy: making minicomics

Basic Formats

Basic Formats

Minicomics can be any size, shape, number of pages, and format you want, limited by a few factors: Money, paper size, time, paper shape, and money.

Let’s get to basics first: any piece of paper, any size and shape, obviously, has two sides. Grab a sheet of scrap paper and try this: if you fold it in half, it will have…let’s say it all together…
FOUR sides. And if we fold it a second time? Count them if need be.

Eight sides. You can even fold it a third time, though this is pretty much the limit. Three folds will create…

Sixteen sides. You can see already how the folded paper looks something like a booklet. You can also see how the size of the paper you originally folded will be reflected in the final shape and size of your booklet-to-be.