Soundtrack contents

Opening page T-shirt design, 1996.

These shirts were printed in conjunction with Artbabe vol.1, #5. The drawing was printed in black with a red oval design around it.

Title page Promotional postcard

This had my address on it, and I used it as a sort of business card, 1993.

Short Fiction

The image on the chapter title page is an unpublished illustration.

Page 3 “Soundtrack”

First published in Artbabe vol. 1, #1, 1992.

Page 4 “Last One Out Close the Door and Shut Off the Lights”

This was the first strip I did for the NewCity, a free weekly paper in Chicago, in 1993.

Page 5 “3:47 PM: the Last Moment on Division Street”

Published in Flying Saucer Attack, a one-shot anthology on the theme of a fatal attack by aliens, 1995.

Page 6 “Mile Marker”

A true story told me by Tim Brower, published in Artbabe vol. 1, #4, 1995.

Page 9 “Permanent Damage”

Never published. This was commissioned as a full-color strip (it would have been my first) for the back page in one of Roger Corman’s Cosmic Comics just before they folded, but wasn’t printed in time.

Page 10 ”$64 Question”

This strip first ran in the anthology Action Girl #4 in 1995.

Page 11 “Oh! My Sisters!”

Printed on the back cover of one-shot anthology On Our Butts, 1995.

Page 12 “Pass It On…”

Written by David Greenberger, this ran in Duplex Planet Illustrated #14, 1995.

Page 13 “The Junkie” part one

Artbabe vol. 1, #1, 1992.

Page 19 “The Junkie” part two.

The journal-like section of this story was written by a friend who is smarter than me, as evidenced by the fact that she prefers her juvenilia forgotten, and so requested that I not use her name. Artbabe vol. 1, #2, 1993.

Page 23 “10mm Gutwrench.”

This is the last page of the third chapter of a novel-length saga (that I abandoned after the third chapter) The male character here, Scott, reappears in “Viva!,” at the end of this book. Artbabe vol. 1, #4, 1995.


Chapter page is the cover to the issue of NewCity where “Punk Pilgrimage” appeared. The original is a gouache painting.

Page 27 “Camille Paglia”

This is the first time I ever attempted comics journalism. NewCity, 1994.

Page 28 “Waiting for Douglas Coupland”

NewCity, 1994.

Page 29 ”…or Whatever…”

NewCity, 1995.

Page 30 “Punk Pilgrimage”

NewCity, 1995.

Page 32 “The Miracle Tree”

NewCity, 1995.

Page 34 “Godzilla”

NewCity, 1995.


Chapter image was printed in color photocopier toner (black, brown, and blue) and was part of a flyer for the record release party for “Chronic” (see below).

Page 39 ”(A) Ships in the Night,”

Artbabe vol. 1, #3, 1994.

Page 40 Untitled

Artbabe vol. 1, #1, 1992.

Page 42 “Chronic”

Published by Sweet Pea Records as part of the record cover for the only single by (long-defunct) rock band Bender, 1993. I was the singer, and the dialogue (not the narration) is the title song’s lyric. And, no, it’s not about pot.

Page 48 Untitled

Artbabe vol. 1, #3, 1994.

Page 50 Untitled

Artbabe vol. 1, #4, 1995.

Funny Pages

The strip on the chapter page is the first time Artbabe appeared as a character, and was printed in Artbabe vol. 1, #1, 1992.

Page 57 “Li’l Meliz of Decatur Street in ‘Evidence’”

This one was long unpublished, but I finally printed it in 2000 in Mexican arts magazine MOHO, in the “Desayuno” issue.

Page 58 “True Grunge”

Artbabe vol. 1, #3. 1994.

Page 59 “Kek and Poot in ‘Trans Am Trouble’”

An attempt at primitivism for Breakdown #3, 1990. This was the University of Chicago anthology that first printed my work, and that I edited for a few issues while in college. Note guest art by my mother.

Page 61 “Bad Mood”

Never published.

Page 62 “Two Degrees of Separation (from Steve Albini)”

Artbabe vol. 1, #3, 1994.

Page 63 “Family Classics”

This story ran in anthology Biff Bang Pow #2, 1992.

Page 69 “Kek und Poot in ‘Foke Hell’!”

Breakdown #4. I worked as a waitress with a guy named Casey Awsumb, who played in a folk group, and we came up with this one during a few boring Sunday brunches, 1990. The guest art in this one is by Leah Zonis and Carrie Golus, and is, to my knowledge, the first comics panel drawn by cartoonist Golus.

Page 71 “Artbabe in ‘Too Punk to Funk?’”

First ran in Action Girl #6, in 1996.


The chapter page is a self-portrait, the first of the “Girls’ Comics” series, 1995.

Page 75 Breakdown?? #2 1989

Page 76 Artbabe vol.1 #1 1992.

The cover was originally adorned by a potato print. This is the first drawing I ever made of Artbabe, mere weeks after drawing the human model for Artbabe in the same pose at a party at her house.

Page 77 Artbabe vol. 1 #2 1993.

This cover had rubber-stamped numbers on the skaters.

Page 78 Artbabe vol. 1 #3 1994.

This cover had a pseudo-3-D effect created by color photocopier toner in red and blue.

Page 79 Artbabe vol. 1 #4 1995.

I hand-cut a two-color rubber stamp for this cover.

Page 80 Back cover Artbabe vol. 1, #1 1992.

From a Charles Peterson photo on a Sub Pop record cover, I don’t remember which.

Page 81 “Girls’ Comics #2”

Interior back cover, Artbabe vol. 1, #5, 1996.

The Four Seasons

The chapter page is the cover of Artbabe vol. 1 #5, 1996. This is the issue for which I won the Xeric grant.

page 85 “Heart of a Turtle”

page 91 “The Ant and the Grasshopper”

page 95 “Jack London”

page 103 “Viva!”

Page 109 Back cover, Artbabe vol. 1, #5

page 110 “A is for Artbabe”

This illustration originally ran on the web page of the Million Year Picnic in 1996.

Back cover “Via Lattea”

First ran in Pulse! Magazine in 1995.