Mirror, Window contents

Mirror, Window contents

Mirror, Window contains all of Artbabe volume 2
“As I Live and Breathe,” 24 pp.
“Chaine,” 22 pp.
“‘Sweet Baby’ James O’Callahan, Secret Agent, in ‘He Said’,” 2 pp.
“Point of Departure,” 24 pp.
“Goddamn Hollywood,” 26 pages
“The Frog Prince,” 6 pages

Plus a number of non-fiction and journalistic stories
“Decatur, IL,” 6 pp. (originally published in the Baffler #9, 4/1997)
“At the United center We Stand”, 1 p. (originally published in NewCity, 8/27/1996)
“Eyes Only”, 3 pp. (originally published in Spoutnik #1, 1998)
“Looking at Art 1997 Chicago at Navy Pier”, 1 p.(originally published in the New Art Examiner, 8/1997)
“Beach Reads”, 1 p. (originally published in NewCity, 8/28/1997) Not published in the second edition.

For art samples, see the pages devoted to individual issues.