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original art

A nice selection of original art is available from the Beguiling Art Store. If you’re interested in pages or drawings that are not on the store website, get in touch with me directly. I’ve never made any effort to sell it before, the likelihood is good that I still have your favorite page. (email comander-in-chief (at)

FYI: Interior art from la Perdida is not for sale, and the covers are made with a process that dictates that there are no originals (more on the cover process in the la Perdida section, if you’re curious), so the covers are not available as originals per se. However, you can order digital prints of everything at POD Gallery (see the next section, below).


Artbabe Posters

$15 each, $25 for both

approx. 18” x 16”, hand offset-printed, signed and numbered.

Order from me: commander-in-chief at artbabe dot com.





“Nunca dejes de luchar por los comics”

22”x30” (56 cm x 76 cm), printed from the image stock of Mexico City
wrestling-match-poster printers. Charmingly misspelled Spanish. $7.

Order from me: commander-in-chief at artbabe dot com.





I made three very glamorous hand-printed lithographs. See these links:

Girls Comics #4

Girls Comics #5

the Frog Prince