La Perdida serialized version (the original release) - Jessica Abel

La Perdida serialized version (the original release)

La Perdida originally appeared in serialized form from 2001-2005, published by Fantagraphics Books (and in a 4-page extra in the LA Weekly). If you’re a completist, you’ll want to compare the two versions and see what I changed (a lot, but it’s subtle). If you’re not, well, you may be interested in them for the cover art.


part one

First printing, September 2001

Second printing, May 2004


In part one, Carla Olivares, a young woman with a Mexican father and an Anglo mother—but who grew up entirely Anglo—arrives in Mexico City in search of some sense of her Mexican roots and history. She stays with an ex-lover, Harry, and starts to meet new friends, learn Spanish, and see the city. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle.

part two

May 2002

Misprinted edition also May 2002 (page one was repeated on page 25)


In part two, Carla and Harry break up, and Carla moves out on her own. With her new roommate Liliana, boyfriend Oscar, and mentor Memo, Carla gets ever more deeply involved in the life of Mexico City, and in the rough youth culture centered at the weekend market in Coyoacan and out-of-town rave parties. Cross-cultural misunderstandings start causing tensions to rise in Carla’s little group. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle.

part three

April 2003

In part three, Carla’s brother Rod comes to visit, and she gets a glimpse into another kind of life in Mexico. Her money has run out, Harry appears in her life again, and tensions are on the rise between her and Oscar. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle.

part four

May 2004


In part four, Oscar and Memo go AWOL without explanation, and Carla suspects that they are planning something— something dangerous. But in the meantime, she has been left to stew in her own juices, and has too much time to spend wondering what the hell she’s doing with her life. Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle.

part five

February 2005


In part five, a lot more stuff happens, but if I tell you anything about it here I’ll ruin the whole thing. You’ll just have to read the book.

Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle.