Stop procrastinating on your ambitious dream project - Jessica Abel

Stop procrastinating on your ambitious dream project


If you’re here, looking at this page, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re someone who wants to be making creative work. But despite your best intentions, despite all those times you swore to stick to a schedule…you’re not making something right now.

Instead, you’re here. Because you’re trying to figure out how to get your butt in your chair, working.

Are you waiting for inspiration to hit?

Do you find yourself imagining the final result, but then it just seems way bigger than you can handle?

Do you spend all your time when you’re supposed to be at work or at play, thinking “I should be working on my project”, but then when you actually are working on your project, you just sit there, stuck?

Yeah, and does all that leave you feeling frustrated and angry?

I have been there. Oh man, have I.

Living with the guilt and anxiety produced by NOT doing the creative work you feel pulled towards, it’s crippling. And ironic, too, no? Because isn’t being creative supposed to fill you with joy and ideas and life? And this feeling is the opposite of that.

But you are not a hopeless case. Anxiety isn’t a sign that you have no talent and are doomed to fail. Feeling this way is actually a good sign: Anxiety is energy with no place to go. So together, we’re gonna give your energy a road to travel that will turn your creative project from a dream into reality:

  • Prioritize projects that are important to you.

  • Break your work up into manageable pieces.

  • Create a roadmap that will get you to the result you imagine.

  • Start feeling good about making time your creative work (because you’re finally actually producing something).


Join me in the Creative Project Planning Challenge.

Get 7 days of step-by-step actions that will take you a half-hour or less per day to implement.

At the end of the Project Planning Challenge, you’ll walk away with not only tools and strategies to attack any monster project you might want to take on in the future, but a specific plan, tailored to that one project you lie awake thinking about, with clear, achievable next actions laid out and tantalizing you to get started.