Life Sucks - Jessica Abel

Life Sucks

ls-coverLife sucks when you’re a baby-faced kid in LA—broke, girlfriend-less, and stuck in a dead-end job. And when we’re talking about Dave Miller, we really mean dead-end.

Life sucks harder when that job is night manager at the Last Stop, LA’s finest vampire-owned 24-hour convenience store, and you’re facing an eternity of restocking beef jerky and blood brew for Radu, your crappy boss and Vampire Master.

It’s bad enough that Dave pines for his days as a vegetarian, but when he finds himself competing with psychotic surfer-vamp Wes for the affections of Rosa, a beautiful mortal with a romantic fixation on the dark side, unlife really gets complicated.

Co-written with Gabe Soria
Drawn by Warren Pleece

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