Creative Compass Minicourse
Sextant by Matt Madden, for the Creative Compass


  • 5 days of quick, achieveable actions.
  • Delivered via email and web...and a private Facebook group, with video feedback and Q&A throughout the live run!
  • All on the screen, so you don’t have to locate a printer or unclog the toner. 
  • Take it wherever and whenever you want to. 
Let's do it.

Find Your Creative Compass

The Creative Compass Minicourse

You’re a writer, cartoonist, visual artist, audio producer, filmmaker, academic, copywriter, designer—or in some other demanding creative field—who needs to produce work on a schedule without destroying your life in the process.

AND you have a complicated life full of responsibilities that you truly care about, possibly including a full-time job (that you may even like and want to keep!), a partner, children, aging parents, community commitments, or political involvements...

…but nonetheless you continue to feel the pull make your deadline-free, self-generated creative work. 

You know you’re staring down at least a few big obstacles between you and really sinking your hooks into your creative work.

But what can you do about it?

In the Creative Compass FREE 5-day minicourse, you’ll examine each of those obstacles, figure out what exactly the stakes are, and make changes

Decide you will take control and change course definitively.

  • Stake your claim on your single most important creative priority, and be confident that you’ve made the right choice.
  • Rein in habits and distractions that derail you time after time.
  • Create a plan to work through the potential real-world conflicts you’ll confront to achieve your goal.
  • Face down your fears and discipline your inner bully who tells you your work isn’t worth it.
  • Make the plan concrete. Identify your highest priorities and set specific expectations for the coming days.

At the end of five days you’ll have built a personalized plan for how to move forward with your creative work.

Even better: your highest priorities will be baked into your actual calendar for the next days or weeks!

I'm ready!