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Feminism Core Sample: new poster available

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Every time I turn around these days, I encounter this wave of angry feminist feeling emanating from Twitter, the internet, my friends. It simultaneously thrills and energizes me, and makes me miserable to realize how much horrible shit still happens all the time to women because they are women. Not like I didn’t realize it before, […]

The Beautiful Ones


In 2009, for some reason, Editions Dargaud (my publisher for the Trish Trash project, as well as the French version of Life Sucks) decided to publish an anthology with Arte TV on the subject of… “Summer of the 80s”. The whys of this decision are unknown to me. Whatever the reason, I took the opportunity […]

The Frog Prince (lithograph)


This litho was reprinted in chopped-up bits in Mirror, Window, but is actually one continuous strip. (like this:)

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  This is the home for all those smaller projects that might otherwise be lost. Take a look in the sidebar for specifics. short comics minis drawing and printmaking projects exhibitions events I organized or hosted that have come and gone archive projects  

Artbabe volume 1

self-published minicomics and the Xeric issue I began the work that went into the first Artbabe in the year after I graduated college (1991). I was mostly re-drawing stories I’d done while in school, both for Biff Bang Pow (an anthology my fellow U of Chicago alum, Ivan Brunetti was publishing), and for other possible, […]

September 27th 2011

artbabe, minicomics, short story

Artbabe volume 2

In 1996, the Xeric issue of Artbabe finally caught the eye of Gary Groth, and in 1997, I began publishing Artbabe with Fantagraphics. I did four issues between 1997 and 1999, before moving on to Radio: an Illustrated Guide, and then la Perdida. These issues were later collected in Mirror, Window.  

September 27th 2011

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