Ancrages: exposition at la Maison des Auteurs

  Every year, the Maison des Auteurs, where I’m in residence, holds a group exhibition of all the artists who have been in residence that year during the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée à Angoulême (aka FIBD). The opening is the traditional first fun event of the festival, on Thursday night. I’ve got three original […]

Girls’ Comics: inspiration and serendipity

Girls' Comics © Jessica Abel

  In the mid to late 90s, I was a bit obsessed with early 20th-century adventure comics; Wonder Woman (in the Harry G. Peters era), Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates. It was at this time, too, that I drew my short-lived weekly strip Doc Trader for the Willamette Week in Portland, which was kind of […]

Trish Trash on view at FIBD

The Maison des Auteurs is putting on an exhibition for FIBD, and I’ve got just a few pieces in this show. It’ll be the first time finished Trish Trash pages are seen by the world.

projects and short work

  This is the home for all those smaller projects that might otherwise be lost. Take a look in the sidebar for specifics. short comics minis drawing and printmaking projects exhibitions events I organized or hosted that have come and gone archive projects  

La Perdida: big in Spain

I recently returned from a trip to northern Spain to celebrate the release of the Spanish edition of ??La Perdida?? by Astiberri Ediciones.