Using Scrivener to create fictional comics

A huge portion of my writing process doesn’t happen on the comics page, and all that stuff I do in Scrivener.

visual scripting: using InDesign to write scripts native to comics

Learn to write comics directly in page layouts without (necessarily) drawing. Stay attuned to the visual: draft comics in words and design simultaneously.

¿Qué es una “novela gráfica”? (i.e. ‘What is a ‘graphic novel’?”)

¿Qué es una “novela grafica”?—’What is a ‘graphic novel’?” poster is published in Spanish and distributed to libraries and schools across Colombia.

Mastering Comics: Drawing Words & Writing Pictures continued

Mastering Comics, the sequel to Drawing Words and Writing Pictures, is out and can be purchased directly from us or from your favorite vendor via this link. Mastering Comics weaves together a number of inter-related streams, including: creating and developing stories coloring, both by hand and using the computer expanding your inking palette–incuding digital inking perspective basics: both linear […]

Bookends, or, 40s are the new awesome.

Matt and I, and our kids, Aldara and Jasper, are picking up and moving to France in September, for a year. In some ways, the difficulty of shifting a fully adult life under full steam to a new track adds to the thrill. We will have been parents almost 5 years, in this house 10 years, teaching at SVA 11 years, in NYC 12 years. It’s more than time, beyond time, for a change.

A España.

This is gonna totally screw with GraNoDraMo, and I’m only going for like 3 days, but I’m psyched anyway. My bags are packed for the first International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, to be held November 9 – 12 at the Universidad de Alcalá, near Madrid. “The main objective of the conference is to […]

November 7th 2011

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diy: making minicomics

This is a pretty comprehensive guide on how to put together a minicomic that I last updated in about 2004. A similar, but much more useable guide can also be found in Appendix E of Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, as well as in the last 4 chapters of Mastering Comics (which is an even […]

diy: tracing

diy: tracing A more complete tracing demo is in chapter 8 of DWWP. OK, this may sound totally idiotic; i.e., why should I teach you how to trace? So you can copy other people more easily? No, it’s so you can trace yourself more easily. Sometimes this is an incredibly useful, necessary thing to do. […]

diy: materials

There’s more up-to-date and clear information on materials throughout DWWP. Paper: Page size: Whenever we talk about page size, we’re actually talking about “image area”, which means the part of the page on which you are actually drawing. It doesn’t matter if your paper is the size of a football field, the image area, the […]

diy: a drawing process

the process of drawing comics a la Jessica as of 1998 I’ve noted applicable chapters in DWWP throughout the tutorial below. One other note: in case you care, there’s some naughty language in the panels depicted below. Fair warning. First of all, and I wish I didn’t think I had to say this, this is […]