The Frog Prince (lithograph)


This litho was reprinted in chopped-up bits in Mirror, Window, but is actually one continuous strip. (like this:)

Bookends, or, 40s are the new awesome.

Matt and I, and our kids, Aldara and Jasper, are picking up and moving to France in September, for a year. In some ways, the difficulty of shifting a fully adult life under full steam to a new track adds to the thrill. We will have been parents almost 5 years, in this house 10 years, teaching at SVA 11 years, in NYC 12 years. It’s more than time, beyond time, for a change.

posters, prints, original art

original art A nice selection of original art is available from the Beguiling Art Store. If you’re interested in pages or drawings that are not on the store website, get in touch with me directly. I’ve never made any effort to sell it before, the likelihood is good that I still have your favorite page. […]

books and comics

Mastering Comics from First Second Books The second in the Drawing Words & Writing Pictures series, Mastering Comics goes deeper and wider, introducing everything from webcomincs to color, and helps the developing artist get from spark to finished work, in the hands of readers. More about Mastering Comics. Order Mastering Comics.   Drawing Words & […]

diy: tracing

diy: tracing A more complete tracing demo is in chapter 8 of DWWP. OK, this may sound totally idiotic; i.e., why should I teach you how to trace? So you can copy other people more easily? No, it’s so you can trace yourself more easily. Sometimes this is an incredibly useful, necessary thing to do. […]

diy: a drawing process

the process of drawing comics a la Jessica as of 1998 I’ve noted applicable chapters in DWWP throughout the tutorial below. One other note: in case you care, there’s some naughty language in the panels depicted below. Fair warning. First of all, and I wish I didn’t think I had to say this, this is […]

Artbabe foreign editions

foriegn editions Existing foriegn editions Italian Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza Artbabe vol. 1 #5: the Four Seasons (1996) Black Velvet Editrice Artbabe (Mirror, Window) Spanish Astiberri Ediciones Escaparate (Mirror, Window) Announced foreign editions Italian Black Velvet Editrice Soundtrack Spanish Astiberri Ediciones Soundtrack More to come!

September 27th 2011


Number 4

The Muscles Issue   April 1995 20-pg 8.5” x 11” b/w photocopied comic, with red embriodery thread hand-binding, cover embellished with red and yellow hand-cut rubber stamping. 1000 printed. Contents: “Untitled,” 4 pp. “10 mm Gut Wrench,” chapter three, 10 pp. “Mile Marker,” 3 pp. Cover: untitled “muscle” image Back cover “First Date” by Jake […]

September 27th 2011

artbabe, minicomics

Number 3

The Tardy Issue June 1994 16-pg 8.5” x 11” b/w photocopied comic, pink yarn bow hand-binding, cover embellished with blue and red photocopier toner. 400 printed. Contents: “10 mm Gut Wrench,” chapter two, 8 pp. “Untitled,” 2-pg center spread “Two Degrees of Separation (from Steve Albini),” 1 pg. “A Ship in the Night,” 1 pg. […]

September 27th 2011

artbabe, minicomics

Number 2

The Skate Issue April 1993 12-pg 8.5” x 11” b/w photocopied comic, black button thread hand-binding, cover embellished with red rubber stamp numbering on skateboarders’ shirts. Each time I bound a new batch, I’d number the skaters 3 higher. 400 printed. Contents: “10 mm Gut Wrench,” chapter one, 5 pp. “The Junkie,” part 2, 4 […]

September 27th 2011

artbabe, minicomics