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Books and their covers: designing for Trish Trash

A few notes on designing book covers for Trish Trash and for Susan Choi’s My Education.

radio comics

I’ve made something of a habit of making comics about something you can’t see: radio and audio storytelling. My first foray was in 1999: a short comics called Radio:an Illustrated Guide, co-written with Ira Glass and about the way This American Life was (is) made. It also sets you to encourage and equip you (in […]

November 18th 2014

nonfiction, radio comics

GET READY. Trish Trash: Rollergirl sur Mars arrive.

  Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars is coming. Volume 1 on sale January 29 @ FIBD (Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, AKA “the Angoulême festival”. Dédicace avant première (pre-release signing) at the Librarie de la bande dessinée et l’image, Angoulême 29 Nov.!  

“authenticity,” expat life, and (not) going native in France

If you ask, I’ll tell you: you should go live abroad somewhere for a while. The thing is, when you live abroad, your perspective on home changes, and is complicated to the point that “home” starts to require scare quotes.

The Beautiful Ones


In 2009, for some reason, Editions Dargaud (my publisher for the Trish Trash project, as well as the French version of Life Sucks) decided to publish an anthology with Arte TV on the subject of… “Summer of the 80s”. The whys of this decision are unknown to me. Whatever the reason, I took the opportunity […]

Waiting for Douglas Coupland


One of my more, ahem, opinion-infused “journalistic” comics—about the (non) appearance by Douglas Coupland at a Chicago bookstore.

Camille Paglia


Here’s the strip that started it all: “Camille Paglia” is a report on a talk that she gave at the University of Chicago in 1994, and was the first journalistic/researched nonfiction piece I ever did.

Trish Trash: Rollergirl sur Mars (français)

[English version] Joignez-vous à ma liste d’abonnés pour recevoir des nouvelles et des extras menant à la publication du Trish Trash: Rollergirl sur Mars, tome 1, ou likez-vous le page Trish Trash sur Facebook.  Trish Trash Rollergirl sur Mars est l’histoire d’une nana de 7 ans et demi sur Mars (ce qui fait 15 années terrienne). Comme […]


godzilla icon

A report on the 1995 Godzilla Con in suburban Chicago, first published in the NewCity (Chicago). Featuring Very Special Guest Alex Wald!

Using Scrivener to create fictional comics

A huge portion of my writing process doesn’t happen on the comics page, and all that stuff I do in Scrivener.