Woman facing the blank page at a drawing table. How to embrace your life-expanding projects: pay yourself first

How to escape panic mode and embrace your life-expanding projects.

If you face your day, and your list, with a feeling of panic…If you wonder “when, with all this chaos, will I finish my novel?”… I’ve got some good news. You can get to the novel before you figure everything else out, and even if you never do. All you need to do is pay

Where do you find good ideas? Pay attention to your attention.

The best stories come from people following their taste, diving into something that inspires them. Your taste matters.
And how do you know what your taste actually is? You have to listen to yourself, pay attention to what excites you, what you talk about.
Which idea is keeping you up at night thinking about it?
Which idea are you telling your friends about?
And then invest in it: invest your time and your attention.
Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

finish what you start

One Goal to Rule Them All

Imagine having your big creative project actually finished. What would it be like to have it out in the world? What would that do for your self-esteem? How might it connect you to other people? What kinds of professional opportunities might come up as a result?
The only way to get to that result is to focus on one goal.

idea debt

Imagining your future projects is holding you back.

Idea Debt is when you spend too much time picturing what a project is going to be like, too much time thinking about how awesome it will be to have this thing done and in the world, too much time imagining how cool you will look, how in demand you’ll be, how much money you’ll make. And way too little time actually making the thing.

work together

  Find your Creative Partner You’re devoted to making creative work. You build your identity around it, both personally and professionally. Which is why, when you grind to a halt, when you lose control of your ability to get the work done, when you just don’t know which path to take narratively or creatively, it’s so

Feel the burn.

Get better at helping others make their work shine. It’s a wonderful gift to give another storyteller. But it’s not all altruism: every time you work through a story, you learn more about your own work, and how to improve it.