Out on the Wire episode guide

Episode 1: Eureka Out on the Wire is the show about making stories, step by step. Join cartoonist Jessica Abel as she breaks down the principles of storytelling and puts you on the path to crafting your own story—in prose, comics, audio, video—in any narrative art form, fiction or nonfiction. Featuring radio and podcasting star

Episode 9: Make it Work Transcript

This is our transcript of Episode 9: Make it Work, adapted from our script. We use a combination of hand and machine transcription, and should be about 80-90% correct. Please verify against the audio before quoting. Building a creative career is like building a machine. There are a million moving parts, and the components you choose

Episode 9: Make it Work

It’s one thing to finish a story, it’s another to make stories your career. In our final episode of season one of Out on the Wire we talk to three creative professionals, Jakob Lewis of the podcast Neighbors, Dave Kellett of the comics Sheldon and Drive and the documentary Stripped, and Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer

Episode 8.5: Your Baby’s Ugly Workshop

This week, we're critiquing work from the challenge from the Episode 8: Your Baby's Ugly. Dan Waldschmidt and Matthew Williamson just produced the pilot episode of a podcast called "Ordinary Heroes," but they know they need a new point of view on it — time for an edit! Dan and Matthew bravely volunteered to go

Episode 8: Your Baby’s Ugly

Our stories are our babies, but not all babies are cute. This week, we figure out just how far we’ve still got to go when we take a finished draft of our own show and subject it to the cold scrutiny of an edit by Robert Smith and Jess Jiang of Planet Money. Our baby

Episode 8: Your Baby’s Ugly Transcript

We create our transcripts from a combination of our written scripts and machine generated transcriptions, and we expect them to be about 90-95% accurate. For quotations, please consult the actual episode.   Back in February of 2012 I sat in—via Skype— at Snap Judgment, a character-driven show of first-person narratives with intense sound design, on

Escape from the Dark Forest!

Don’t let luck control whether you actually create your work or not. When the Dark Forest has closed in, escape with a Focus Session.

workshop episode 7.5: Dark Forest

Céline Keller is making an autobiographical audio story about how she turned her life upside-down in order to raise two wild baby boars on her father’s remote farm in Germany. It sounded good on paper, but now she’s stuck in the dark, German forest, literally! So for our 7th workshop episode we’re actually DOING this