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Girls’ Comics: new-old work on the site

I’ve been slowly working at updating old versions of the pages on this site, and adding some new material. I hope to bring you some regular postings of old comics within a few months. Meanwhile, I’ve put together this narrative of a really productive accidental drawing/print/painting series I did in the 90s. This image, especially, […]

Girls’ Comics: inspiration and serendipity

Girls' Comics © Jessica Abel

  In the mid to late 90s, I was a bit obsessed with early 20th-century adventure comics; Wonder Woman (in the Harry G. Peters era), Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates. It was at this time, too, that I drew my short-lived weekly strip Doc Trader for the Willamette Week in Portland, which was kind of […]

The Kickstarter drawings


Drawings from a Kickstarter in 2011—costumed figure drawings to prep to jump back into drawing comics: my sci-fi series Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars

Girls on wheels—kickstart me!

OK: I’ve written about my new graphic novel, Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars, and about how out of practice I feel as a cartoonist. I need to be doing some serious preparatory drawing.  My goal is to draw a complete figure sketch every day that I’m in my studio (and to be in my studio a LOT). […]

projects and short work

  This is the home for all those smaller projects that might otherwise be lost. Take a look in the sidebar for specifics. short comics minis drawing and printmaking projects exhibitions events I organized or hosted that have come and gone archive projects