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Woman facing the blank page at a drawing table. How to embrace your life-expanding projects: pay yourself first

How to escape panic mode and embrace your life-expanding projects.

If you face your day, and your list, with a feeling of panic…If you wonder “when, with all this chaos, will I finish my novel?”… I’ve got some good news. You can get to the novel before you figure everything else out, and even if you never do. All you need to do is pay

“Fading Away”, photograph by Henry Peach Robinson. A writer with chronic illness (or any creative) needs to get serious about creative focus. Chronic illness inspiration doesn't come from uplifting quotes, it comes from getting real and getting your writing done anyway.

5 steps to Creative Focus, in sickness and in health

Writer Jennie Spotila says, “I thought my disability was a barrier to writing my book when, in fact, my disability just presented me with harder choices. Making art is part of you, and when you are sick, you need to remember who you are.”

Perfectionism is not the real problem

Perfectionism is not your real problem.

Have you published your essay online? Have you sent your book to reviewers? Have you submitted your comic to that anthology you love? Is your website up? Have you actually told anyone it’s up? Have you shown your new work to… anybody? Have you even let yourself spend time on your new work? No? What’s stopping

Lucy Bellwood and Jessica Abel in conversation about self-doubt demons, should monsters, social media, building an audience, and how to rock crowdfunding.

What happens when you let your demons run loose (spoiler: good things)

You should be making your creative work every day. You should be spending more time with your family and friends. You should spend a lot more time in selling your work. You shouldn’t have to sell anything: your work should speak for itself. You should be much further along in your career. You should give

Why you procrastinate, and how to stop, on "Wake up call."

Why you procrastinate, and how to stop

I know you’re serious about your creative work. Whether or not that work is your job, your self-generated projects are the key to your future self. Which is why it’s so crazy that when you sit down to face that work (if you even get that far), you squirm and procrastinate and end up on social

Cover of Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When You're Drowning in Your Daily Life by Jessica Abel

Growing Gills Media Resources

Book log line/brief description Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When You’re Drowning in Your Daily Life by Jessica Abel Focus. Finish. Move on to your next project. Creative people, even if they have a hard time calling themselves “writers” or an “artists” in public, know that making their creative work is core to