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Camille Paglia


Here’s the strip that started it all: “Camille Paglia” is a report on a talk that she gave at the University of Chicago in 1994, and was the first journalistic/researched nonfiction piece I ever did.


godzilla icon

A report on the 1995 Godzilla Con in suburban Chicago, first published in the NewCity (Chicago). Featuring Very Special Guest Alex Wald!

Out of the frying pan


  Hot on the heels of six years of reading hundreds of American comics every year for the Best American Comics, I’ve agreed to do the same (much smaller volume, but IN FRENCH) as a member of the Grand Jury of the Compétition Officielle of the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, to be held […]

Cordão de Ouro


This capoeira strip ran in Pulse! Magazine. It’s one of the few collaborative comics Matt and I have ever done.

The Kickstarter drawings


Drawings from a Kickstarter in 2011—costumed figure drawings to prep to jump back into drawing comics: my sci-fi series Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars

The Frog Prince (lithograph)


This litho was reprinted in chopped-up bits in Mirror, Window, but is actually one continuous strip. (like this:)

La Perdida pages 11-17


Carla arrives in Mexico for the first time. 

October 31st 2011

comic book, la perdida

La Perdida pages 99-107


Carla and Memo have it out, over Frida Kahlo, of all things.

October 31st 2011

comic book, la perdida

Artbabe in “Too Punk to Funk?” — excerpt from Soundtrack


“She puts the ‘arty’ in ‘party’! She’s Artbabe!” One of the only stories to ever actually use Artbabe as a character. (She was mostly a spokesmodel for the covers of the series.)      

September 27th 2011

artbabe, short fiction

Radio: an Illustrated Guide excerpt—Putting Music to Words


A two-page scene from Radio: an Illustrated Guide, co-written with Ira Glass, about putting music into radio stories.