Where to find me at the Angoulême 2013 festival

The Festival International de la Bande Dessinée (FIBD) is breathing hard down our necks—the whole town is being transformed day by day into the banner-strewn tent city I remember from my previous visits. Matt and I have been put to work by many different comics-related institutions in town, and we’ve got a full plate. Here’s what we have planned.

a bulle under construction in Angouleme

Building a bulle (tent) in the parking lot next to my son’s daycare. Oh, the bucket-trucks and mega-forklifts we have seen!

Tuesday January 29, 3 pm – Wednesday January 30, 3 pm

24-Hour Comics Day 

24 heures de la bande dessinée 2013 : 7ème édition !
You can sign up to work at home along with everyone at the festival—the event is being run online in French, English, and Spanish.

This is the Cité’s take on the international phenomenon that is 24 Hour Comics Day. It was established by Lewis Trondheim when he was president of the festival, and each year a guest artist acts as MC, which mainly consists in introducing a surprise starter constraint that everyone needs to follow. This year, Matt will be presenting the constraint and he’s got a good one in store!


Thursday Jan 31

2PM  Matt does a roundtable on teaching comics

RENCONTRE – Vaisseau Moebius, salle Nemo (Durée : 1h)

L’enseignement de la narration graphique, témoignages internationaux
avec B. Hinriksson, N. Boucher, M. Madden, G. Gorridge et l’EESI
Matt is participating in a round table discussion on the state of comics instruction in Europe and overseas along with teachers and students from Angoulême’s local art school.

5-6:30 pm The Oubaposhow

Vaisseau Moebius (Salle Nemo) (That’s the new name for the former museum building with the glassy front)

Matt and his Oubapo co-conspirators are doing a performance of/about Oubapo (Workshop for Potential Comics). This is a don’t-miss! Four men drawing on Post-Its! Lécroart’s comics-generating program! Tony against the mouse! Matt trying to make up comics in French in 15 minutes!

featuring François Ayroles, Alex Baladi, Alex Chauvel, Florian Huet, Killoffer, Andréas Kündig, Etienne Lécroart, Anthony Rageul et Lewis Trondheim, Matt Madden

6:30 pm Opening reception for the Maison des Auteurs “In Residence” exhibition.

Maison des Auteurs gallery (regular gallery hours 10-7 Jan 31-Feb 3)
3 avenue de Cognac

Matt and I and 42 other cartoonists who are (or have been) in residence this past year all have a few pages up on the walls. It’s a rare peek into who and what actually happens in this building. There’s also a new book out, documenting all the authors who have been in residence in the second 5 years of its existence (2007-2012). I’ll be in the next book, in case you’re wondering! cinq ans de résidences, 2007-2012 (scroll down)


Saturday, February 2

Lunch: Jessica helps pick the winners of the annual Angoulême awards.

OK, this is obviously a private affair, but I’m still looking forward to/nervous about it. Six others and I (le Grand Jury 2013) will be choosing among the 32 candidates for best comic of the year, “special jury prize” (not clear on this one…), best series, “revelation” prize (i.e best new artist), and patrimony award (for best reprint or collection of older work). This is especially interesting for me to see behind the scenes as I was one of the nominees in 2007 when La Perdida came out here.

4:30-5:30: rencontre : en résidence avec matt madden et jessica abel 

auditorium du musée de la bande dessinée

Matt and Jessica will be talking at the Musée de la Bande Dessinée about their careers as cartoonists and teachers and their time in France so far. The moderator will be their new friend and the “conseiller scientifique” of the museum, Jean-Pierre Mercier (oh, he also translates an American guy called Crumb).


A word of advice to those coming for the first time, or who haven’t come often enough to form a sense of the climate here: it is wet. If we’re lucky, we’ll get some clear days, but if not, it’ll be like the rest of December and January: rainy and chilly. Winter is the rainy season, so prepare for it and you’ll be happier. Rubber boots, rain coat, lightweight umbrella, waterproof bags for all your books that you’ll buy…seriously.

See you there!


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