¿Qué es una "novela gráfica"? (i.e. 'What is a 'graphic novel'?") - Jessica Abel

¿Qué es una “novela gráfica”? (i.e. ‘What is a ‘graphic novel’?”)

Comics in Colombia are on the march, friends, make no mistake. Under the youthful and very energetic direction of Daniel Jiménez Quiroz, editor of the anthology Revista Larva (with the assistance of a large group of friends and collaborators, of course), Colombia now has a very internationally-oriented annual comics festival called Entreviñetas (“between the panels”). Entreviñetas has hosted, among many others, Matt in 2011. Matt’s had several comics published in South America this year as a result, and now, schools and libraries across Colombia are apparently graced with this very informative poster:

¿Qué es una "novela grafica"? —What is a"graphic novel"? poster in spanish detail view

¿Qué es una "novela grafica"? —What is a"graphic novel"? poster in spanish

(I have to assume those hands are Daniel’s…)

For those who have not seen it, this is a poster and webcomic I created in 2002 for Artbomb.com, which explains what a GN is, and how to go about reading comics at a basic level for newbies to the art form. Web version of the Spanish will be available very soon—I’ll post an update here when it is. If you want to be informed when it’s available, follow Daniel on Twitter, or post a comment below and mark “notify me of follow-up comments by email” at the bottom.

If you want to create a What is a “graphic novel”? poster in English for your library, school, or wall of fame, please visit the What is a “graphic novel”? page on dw-wp.com. It’s available freely for non-commercial uses under a creative commons license.


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