The Kickstarter drawings


Click the photo above to see all of the drawings.

It’s not news that I’ve been working on a drawing project that I kickstarted back in November. I proposed this project as a warm up for Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars. Shockingly, it ended up competing with that for my time and attention (as you cartoonists out there would have/did predict). I’m not sorry, though. It was crucial preparation for my book, and offered me the opportunity to work on hover-derby costume designs.

Fo those of you who are backers, thank you for your support! This was really an amazing experience of making and re-making connections to good friends and readers. Many people supported the project with the sole intention of supporting me, personally, in my work, and seemed embarrassed that I’d want to send them a thank-you gift. It’s really remarkable how generous people are. By the way, If I sent you clothes, and you feel like taking a picture of yourself wearing the item, I’d love to post it!

HUGE thank yous to:

Elias Stern
Jimmy Palmiotti
Barbara Bolsen
Rob McMonigal
Jimb Jackson
Carl Rigney
Faron Whitfield
Megan Ulosovich
Paul van Dijken
Christopher Schiller
Cecil Castellucci
Craig Hankin
Amedeo Turturro
Jarod Rosello
Ronald Montgomery
Elvi Dalgaard
Jody Culkin
Lisa Martincik
JD Henry
Ellen L.
Big Planet Comics
Kate McIntyre
Mark Braun
Alison Bechdel
Erin Dee Horton
Andrew Shuping
Glenn Carnagey
Mairead Case
Kat Kleman and Mariposa Davis
Max Fenton
Lisa Anchin
Carolyn Markson
Rose Levinson, Ph.D. and David Jeffrey
Sophie Voillot
Marc Weidenbaum
Jamie Tanner
Ruth Lande
Leslie Koren
Eric Orner
Stasha Colin


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